as i sit here, in this mess. again. i cant help but wonder who i am.

in this position, my heart wants to cry out to God… what else.. what else is there? what am i missing. where do i need to go, what do i need to learn. this really just cant be it.

i know,.. so cliche to think, is it all my fault? i guess when you are hurt you just want to pull back.. maybe find a shell. hide. dont get hurt again.


i have no idea where im going with this… ive really been wanting to blog again lately. like, why?.. as if i have it all figured out and possibly anything to share. im really just no body. dont have it all figured out. thats pretty much me. unfigured out.

no actually, that has absolutely nothing to do with what i wanted to write about the other day, but im not exactly in the spirits to write about what i wanted to write about the other day. that moment when i was feeling on top of the world.

“with God you always win, even when you fail you win” so maybe ill remember on another day what i want to write in that post.


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